Online Courses

Tired of listening to podcasts and webinars?  Do you want to be able to look after your wellbeing through the convenience of online learning?  Well now you can! 


Our popular courses are now available as easy to learn, online modules.  As an additional bonus, most also come with an accompanying free eBook which you can download and print out if you prefer to read some of the modules.

We have kept our prices low - but you can save an additional $30 by bundling! 


To find out more, click on the picture tile and it will take you to our online learning platform which will accept your payment and give you immediate access to the course/s you have purchased.  But wait - there's more!  As an additional bonus, you will automatically receive free access to the Subscriber Hub - once you have logged in and accessed your course/s you should see the Subscriber Hub available.  This is our new central place for handouts, resources, blogs, and other fabulous things we'll be adding from time-to-time.

Don't waste another moment - check out the courses below and start learning now!  

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Save $30.00 when you bundle 7 of our courses
Introduction to Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
Ebook cover promo time management.png
Time Management
eBook cover promo imposter syndrome.png
Living with Imposter Syndrome
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eBook cover promo positive psych.png
Introduction to Positive Psychology
eBook cover promo assertive communicatio
Assertive Communication
Ebook cover Stress.png
Stress Management
eBook cover SMART goalsetting.png
SMART Goal Setting
eBook cover promo resilience.png