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Introducing our experts
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Dr Nadine Hamilton

BSc (Psych), PGDip.Psych, MTrain&Dev, EdD

Psychologist & EMDR Practitioner | Psychic Medium | Author | Holistic Health Coach

Welcome to the inspiring journey of Dr Nadine.

For nearly two decades, Dr Nadine has been at the forefront of psychology, specifically shining a light on veterinary wellbeing. Not only has she made significant strides with her Doctoral research in the field, but she also authored the influential book 'Coping with Stress and Burnout as a Veterinarian' in 2019. Within its pages, she unveils her groundbreaking 'Coping and Wellbeing Program'.

Dr Nadine's path to her present expertise was nothing short of extraordinary. Despite facing setbacks early on, including leaving school at the age of 15 after failing exams, she remained unswerving in her determination. Her diverse experience spans roles like dental nurse, lecturer, acting head of department, and many more, each of which has enriched her perspective. In 2010, she founded Positive Psych Solutions, which started as a private clinic and has since evolved and expanded its services.

What truly sets Dr Nadine apart are her innate abilities. As an empath, psychic, and certified spirit medium, she possesses a unique intuition, often sensing events before they transpire, and deeply connecting with others' energies and emotions. Her communication with the spiritual realm - sometimes light-heartedly termed "speaking to the dead" - is a testament to her exceptional gifts.

Dr Nadine's insatiable quest for knowledge isn't limited to psychology. She's proficient in a myriad of disciplines, including Reiki, angel therapy, Feng Shui, nutritional psychiatry, and more. On top of her psychology accolades, she holds a Masters of Training and Development, a Doctor of Education, and is on her way to earning an advanced certification in parapsychology.

Recently, she added another feather to her cap with the release of her second book, 'The Clever Self-Care Guide'.

Embark on a transformative journey with Dr Nadine today.

Dori Martin - Associate (US)

FDN-P, CMT, CYT, LMT, Master Level 3 EFT

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Midlife Hormone Mastery Coach, Master Level 3 EFT Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor 

Meet Dori - Master of functional nutrition, resilience, and hormone mastery.

Juggling the roles of a devoted practitioner, mother to two spirited teenagers, and caregiver to her aging mother, Dori knows the importance of holistic well-being. Her drive is to uncover scientifically-backed, streamlined solutions for vibrant health and vitality - and she's eager to share those secrets with you!

While Dori delights in diving deep into the details with individual clients - utilising functional labs to craft tailored healing regimens - she equally thrives in the magic of group dynamics. Her leadership in collaborative coaching programs has empowered countless individuals to navigate challenges such as chronic health disorders, hormonal imbalances, weight loss hurdles, and the stresses of aging gracefully.

But Dori's expertise doesn't stop there. As a certified yoga instructor, she has offered her skills to elite athletes, aiding in bodywork and pain alleviation. Her experiences led her to a profound realisation: addressing underlying chronic stress and trauma can often be the game-changer in healing journeys. This insight propelled her to become a Master Level 3 EFT practitioner.

With Dori, you're not just finding a practitioner; you're discovering a dedicated ally in your wellness journey.


Cheyenne Hamilton - Administration Manager

HH Dip (P.M.) HH Dip (B.Th.)

Meet Cheyenne - Dr Nadine's talented daughter.


Cheyenne boasts impressive credentials as a makeup artist and eyelash technician. She is backed by a Diploma of Holistic Beauty Therapy, a Diploma of Professional Makeup, and an Eyelash Technician Certification.

But Cheyenne's ambitions extend beyond beauty services. She is looking forward to bringing her unique blend of skills and experiences to our practice as an administration manager in the near future, a role that promises to benefit from her diverse background in the beauty industry.


With Cheyenne, clients receive more than just a service; they enjoy an experience that elevates beauty and boosts confidence.

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