Angel card + mediumship readings

For those of you who are spiritually-minded, inquisitive about connecting with loved ones in the spirit world, or just want some guidance, clarity, or direction, a reading may be suitable for you.

It is important to note that Nadine only asks for positive messages, or those that can be problem solved.  She does not seek negative messages or predictions.

Nadine is a Certified Angel Card Reader, undertaking her certification with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.  Her card readings use beautiful angel tarot cards which can be helpful for those wanting more information or clarity/direction about certain things in their life.  These readings are generally more psychic in nature and normally do not involve contact with the spirit world.

Nadine has undertaken training and mentoring with two world renowned psychic mediums - Lisa Williams and Sarah Lemos.  Her mediumship readings involve Nadine connecting to the spirit world to receive messages from your loved ones on the other side.  It is important to note that these readings do not guarantee a particular loved one will come through - rather, Nadine's readings are more about what you NEED to hear and not always what you WANT to hear.  Spirit/s channel through her to send through the messages they want to relay to you.  

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