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Merging spirituality, mental health, and psychology for a transformed life


Ever since her earliest memories, Nadine has been captivated by the presence of angels and felt assured by the existence of an after-life. For her, an intrinsic 'knowing' has always resonated that the universe extends beyond just our physical realm. Yet, it was only in recent times that she realised her ability to bridge connections with those who've transitioned to the beyond.


Like several psychic mediums, the initial realisation of her gifts was overwhelming, often leading her to suppress them. The precognition she experienced, especially when they manifested, was at times, daunting.

Today, Nadine wholly embraces her spiritual talents. Merging her academic background in psychology with her spiritual connections offers an unparalleled healing experience. The journey of tapping into one's intuition, recognising personal spiritual gifts, and forging these ethereal bonds instills a profound sense of tranquility, empowerment, and harmony.

If you're apprehensive about readings, rest assured. Nadine is committed to channeling only uplifting messages or those that offer resolutions. She refrains from conveying disheartening or pessimistic insights.


Let Nadine's gifts guide you, helping you interact with spirit guides, angels, and cherished ones. This journey promises clarity and a deeper understanding of one's life purpose within the vast spiritual realm.

Psychic readings (angel card tarot)

Curious about what lies ahead or seeking answers to specific questions?

For centuries, tarot cards have been a revered tool, offering insights into various aspects of life, from relationships and career to family and finances. While some view tarot as mysterious or even foreboding, Nadine uses the gentle guidance of angel tarot cards, shedding a positive light on life's uncertainties.

These readings focus on intuitive insights, typically without connecting to the spirit realm.

Pricing: $70.00 (AUD) for an approximately 45-minute online reading via Zoom.

Discover the insights you've been seeking with an angel/tarot card reading.  To schedule your reading, simply book online.

Mediumship (spirit) reading

Are you grappling with the pain of losing someone you cherished? Do you find yourself pondering if they are at peace? Have you ever felt an urge to reconnect and receive messages from them?

Nadine offers mediumship readings, a heartfelt avenue for communication, solace, and insights from your departed loved ones. During these sessions, she becomes a bridge, connecting with spirits eager to convey messages to you in the living realm.

It's crucial to approach a reading with an open heart and mind. While Nadine will do her utmost, there is no assurance of connecting with a specific spirit. Readings typically deliver what you NEED to understand, which might differ from what you HOPE to hear. Furthermore, the spirits that choose to communicate might vary, so be receptive to the messages they share.

Pricing: $150.00 (AUD) for an approximately 45-minute online reading via Zoom.

Take a step towards healing and understanding. Schedule your mediumship reading by booking online.

Nadine is a fervent advocate for genuine expertise in any chosen field. She embodies this belief by continually expanding her knowledge and ensuring her credentials reflect her dedication. Among her qualifications are a Diploma in Angel Therapy, a Diploma in Spiritual Intuitive Healing, and a Diploma in Feng Shui.

She's a Certified Angel Card Reader, trained by the esteemed Radleigh Valentine and Doreen Virtue. Additionally, she's earned the title of Certified Spirit Medium under the mentorship of the acclaimed James Van Praagh, renowned for the tv show "Ghost Whisperer." Her learning journey also includes training sessions with international TV mediums Lisa Williams and Sarah Lemos.

Furthermore, she's a proud Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner and has achieved the rank of Reiki Master. Always curious and keen to delve deeper into the spiritual realm, Nadine is currently pursuing an Advanced Certificate in Parapsychology.

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