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News & Media - what have we been up to?


Over the years we have been sought after to contribute expert opinion to various media - a sample of which you can see below....not to mention a special bonus when Nadine got to meet her idol, Sir Richard Branson!!

Breakfast with Branson!


It is no secret that Sir Richard Branson is a role model for our Managing Director, Nadine Hamilton.  She has always been extremely optimistic, and credits this with helping her achieve one of her goals of meeting him face-to-face!  Earlier this year Nadine was fortunate enough to meet Sir Richard Branson, and reports that she was on 'cloud nine' for some time afterwards! 

Dr Chris Brown - Pet Expo


Nadine was invited to be a guest speaker on "Pet Loss & Grief" at the Gold Coast City Council's Pet Expo in September 2011.  She was fortunate enough to meet Dr Chris Brown (otherwise known as "Bondi Vet")!


In the Media - online


Owners giving pets elaborate funerals (Gold Coast Bulletin/GC News)


Real Housewives star advocates marital rape in new book (NineMSN)


Kick start a habit (Cosmopolitan)


Are you a judgey BFF? (Cosmopolitan)


When you're split between two homes (Dolly)


Being treated like a doormat? (Cosmopolitan)


Crushing on your friends bf? (Cosmopolitan)


Overbearing helicopter parents make their kids depressed and anxious (NineMSN)


"Starting again with an old flame" (Herald Sun)


Man left brain damaged after mate snapped on golf course (Brisbane Times)


Meet the women who have wombs for rent (Cosmopolitan)


The way we need to be more like men (Cleo)


Cyberchondria (Cleo)


In the Media - print


"When you're split between two homes" - Dolly Magazine

"For the Love of Dog" - GetIt Magazine

"The Kindness Conspiracy" - GetIt Magazine

"Healing the Wounds" - Nursing Careers Allied Health

"Has your life been hijaked?" - Cleo

"The 60-second gap year guide" - Cleo

"Meet the women who have wombs for rent" - Cosmopolitan


We have also contributed to Ok! Magazine and several newspapers.

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