Positive Psych Solutions Veterinary Circle

membership group

Are you are a veterinary professional who wants to stay connected with other veterinary colleagues for things like mentoring, support, and resources?  A place to share your stories in a safe and non-judgemental environment with others who understand what you are going through?


Maybe you are keen to be part of a coaching-style group where the focus may be on your career, your wellbeing, how to create a better team environment, becoming your best self, and so much more?


This new and private online membership group includes a private Facebook group and is for veterinary professionals like you who want regular access to other people and resources to help you find your magnificence.  It also gives you direct and exclusive access to one of the world's leading authorities on veterinary wellbeing, Psychologist Dr Nadine Hamilton.  


Our Positive Psych Solutions veterinary circle membership group is a subscription-based service where you pay a small monthly fee of just $50.00 (AUD) to be part of this special community.  That's just $12.50 per week!


Members also get 50% off Dr Nadine's individual wellbeing and career coaching sessions, and 30% off all ebooks!  

Sign up for your monthly subscription now!  There are no contracts or minimum terms, and you can cancel your membership at any time after your first month.