Introduction to Angels

"Who would have thought a word to describe a study would be ‘beautiful’. I suggest you take a look for yourself, a lot of accurate insight, helpful tips, and a simplistic course all wrapped up in one!”


“I just wanted to reach out again and say thank you! I loved your course it was beautiful and very informative - everything clicked together for me like a puzzle!”

Card readings

"Sooooo loved my reading.  So pleased with all my messages and guidance.  You're spectacular!"

~ Jamie M., Gold Coast, Australia

"My card reading was great - Nadine picked up psychically on things about my future, and was also able to validate things that were happening now, or had recently happened"

~ C.J., Gold Coast, Australia

"Nadine is great! My reading was very relevant and accurate! Well worth the cost for some gentle yet powerful confirmation. Also very reassuring from Angel cards!"

~ Anita H., Gold Coast, Australia

"I enjoyed my reading with Nadine which was on-the-ball and summed up a lot of things I can relate to"

~ K.H., Gold Coast, Australia

Mediumship readings

"Nadine you wonderful lady, you have made so many special connections and clarifications for me and my loved ones. Words can not explain how blessed I am to have had you help me through what I thought I could never accept. The passing of a dear friend. I can accept now that he has passed and I can accept now that he is safe, happy and watching us always. Along with his cheeky signs. Thank you"

~ Jamie M., Gold Coast, Australia

"Nadine is great! My reading was very relevant and accurate! Well worth the cost for some gentle yet powerful confirmation"

~ Anita H., Gold Coast, Australia

"Wow - I was an 'open-minded' skeptic, but after Nadine channeled something very specific that no-one else knew about (other than my loved one in spirit), I definitely changed my mind!  Nadine identified a few things that no-one else knew, or could have known.  I was blown away!"

~ K.H., Gold Coast, Australia

"Nadine brought though several loved ones with accurate information I could easily identify.  In particular, during the reading I asked one of my loved ones (silently) to validate something - instantaneously Nadine relayed this information!  It was awesome!"

~ C.J., Gold Coast, Australia

"I recently had a reading with this lovely lady and was extremely overwhelmed with the results and accuracy. I felt very much at ease throughout my session and found a sense of peace after my reading. Amazing!!!"

~ Jenny F., Gold Coast, Australia

"Thank You Nadine for your amazing reading. The messages from my parents passed were lovely and really resonated well with me. You definitely have a gift and I would recommend you to anyone wanting a reading."

~  Alison C., Gold Coast, Australia

"Nadine was exceptional in her readings and explaining what she was being told to tell me, without the reading feeling rushed and overwhelmed with to much information. Loved ones came through to speak to me and help give me guidance and reassurance, they have been there in milestone moments in life which feels reassuring and comforting to know they haven’t missed out. Nadine’s energy is welcoming, calming and her readings are spot on, and after I finished speaking with her I felt as though I finished catching up with family I haven’t spoken to in years."

~ Leanne J., Gold Coast, Australia