Angel Stories, Healing & Guidance

This division of our group focuses on the spiritual aspects of wellbeing.

Dr Nadine Hamilton is a registered psychologist with very esoteric interests.  You see, from a young age she began experiencing psychic premonitions in dreams, which actually scared her as some of the visions were quite daunting and came true!  Like many people with the same experiences, this resulted in her blocking these 'gifts' and not acknowledging them for many years.  Imagine her surprise when she later found out that apparently she comes from a family of gypsies!  No wonder this is such an interesting area for her!

For as long as she can remember, Dr Hamilton has always been especially interested in angels, and a few years ago immersed herself in as much angel literature as she could.  She even had two experiences which she is convinced were at the hands of angels - one was an encounter at a shopping centre at a very prominent time, and the other was a potentially live-saving moment for herself and her oldest daughter. 

Being the stickler she is for researching information and qualifications, she gained both a Diploma in Angel Therapy and Diploma of Spiritual Intuitive Healing some years ago.  She has also been awarded a Certificate of Achievement in the "JVP Mediumship Certification Course" from the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts.

The services offered through our Angel Stories, Healing & Guidance division include the following, however, currently Dr Hamilton is not offering card or mediumship readings for the time being.

You can also receive some of the testimonials received from Dr Hamilton's clients by clicking the link below:

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