Introduction to positive psychology

Positive psychology is a relatively new approach to the field of psychology where practising psychologists can help people achieve their maximum potential, without the individual necessarily having any clinical symptomatology.  It is an important step in the era of psychology that takes the focus off what is wrong with people (or the disease model), and instead focuses on what is right with people.


It is not about positive thinking, and it does not assume all other psychology is 'negative'.  It is referred to as a branch of applied psychology that essentially considers people’s character strengths, and builds on those strengths to enhance a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Basically, it looks at what is “right”, as opposed to the traditional clinical approach that focuses on what is “wrong” (with ourselves, our organisations, our environment etc.).  


It also investigates what makes life worth living and how we can live the good life, and uses five pillars referred to as PERMA.  


So if you are wanting to learn more about using this evidence-based approach to enhance and maintain your wellbeing, this ebook may be just the thing you are looking for!

Introduction to positive psychology

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