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The importance of self-care

Updated: Oct 5, 2019


Why do some people find it so hard to spend money on themselves for their own professional or personal development and wellbeing? Maybe your CPD budget is limited and you think it's more important to spend that on courses or workshops that involve the more clinical or non-personal aspects of your job?

This is understandable, however, it's also important to look at some of the reasons behind those who deliberately avoid spending money on the professional and personal development that focuses on themselves. But first, here's a few reasons I've identified that could be preventing people (which could include you!) from using their CPD dollars on themselves:

- avoidance of issues

- fear

- shame

- resentment

- lack of self-worth

- lack of perceived benefits

- self-beliefs that you are 'not good enough' or worrying about what others will think.

If you want to shift this paradigm, you need to address it and tackle the self-beliefs and perceptions. What will happen if you don't do anything about your issues? Just like there is no 'magic pill' to cure every ailment an animal may experience, there is no magic tablet that will instantly create your psychological wellbeing.

If you need a qualified and experienced professional to talk to in a confidential and caring environment, then schedule a wellbeing session with Dr Nadine Hamilton today. Don't keep putting it off - if you do the odds are that things may get worse.


About Dr Nadine Hamilton

As a leading authority on veterinary wellbeing, Dr Hamilton helps veterinary professionals get on top of stress and conflict to avoid burnout and suicide, and also works with practice managers and owners to increase wellbeing, productivity, and retention in the workplace. Additionally, she provide workshops to small and large groups within the private and corporate sectors, and speaks at conferences and symposiums both nationally and internationally.

Her book "Coping with Stress and Burnout as a Veterinarian - An Evidence-Based Solution to Increase Wellbeing" was released in March 2019 through Australian Academic Press, and is already making a positive impact within the profession - both here in Australia and internationally.

As an advocate for the veterinary profession, Dr Hamilton founded the charity "Love Your Pet Love Your Vet" and partnered with Royal Canin to reduce stigma in veterinary professionals seeking help, raising awareness within the community about the realities of working in the profession, and providing psychological and educational support to veterinary professionals.

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