Mediumship readings

(Please ensure you read our cancellation/non-attendance policy at the bottom of this page)


Dr Hamilton's mediumship readings are provided online (usually via Zoom) and run for approximately one hour. 

The aim of the reading is for Dr Hamilton to connect with your loved ones in spirit, to provide beautiful and reassuring messages of love and support.  Dr Hamilton only reads in the 'light', and therefore only allows those of the light with positive messages to come through.  She asks that her guides and angels refrain from allowing anyone with negative messages to come through as she believes readings should be uplifting and comforting - not negative and worrying!


It is important to note that Dr Hamilton does not have control over who will come through in your reading - this is up to spirit.  So please bear in mind that often you need to think a bit broader and be open to whichever spirit wants to come through with their message/s for you.  As they say - generally you will receive the messages you NEED to hear, not necessary what you WANT to hear.


While one (or more) of your loved ones who you really want to hear from may not come through in a reading, please don't feel that they don't love you or care for you!  Sometimes there are other spirits who need to come through with messages for you that take precedence over the others - again, spirit will generally come through with messages you need to hear on the day.

To book a mediumship reading, please click on the "buy now" button below.  Once your payment has come through we will email you to arrange a day and time for your reading.  Alternatively, you can contact us directly through the 'contact' page on this website for any enquiries. 


Please note all readings are conducted in Australian Eastern Standard Time.

  $80.00 AUD

Please make your selection carefully as no refunds are issued unless the reading or course is cancelled by us.  If you have booked an online reading and do not attend, your payment will not be refunded.  Should you require to change or reschedule your scheduled online card reading session, at least 24-hours notice is required - if not your payment may be forfeited.