Dealing with Imposter Syndrome - Masterclass


If you've come to this page we're assuming you either participated in our webinar "Dealing with imposter syndrome", or are interested in finding out more about imposter syndrome - and how to deal with it!


Did you know that around 70% of people experience imposter syndrome (commonly defined as feeling like a 'fraud' or 'phony', despite evidence to the contrary) - which, put another way, indicates that only 30% of people do NOT experience the symptoms!  It is very common and prevalent with high performers and those entering into a new environment such as a new workplace.

Experiencing imposter syndrome can contribute to low self-confidence, anxiety, stress, and even depression.  Being able to deal with this using evidence-based strategies is therefore really important if you want to be able to combat these often-debilitating symptoms that can rob you of your wellbeing and job satisfaction.

This program will be offered through a combination of e-learning and private Facebook Masterclass group., and will run for six weeks.  The e-learning modules will be released weekly via email over a total period of six weeks.  Each module will be discussed in our private masterclass Facebook group during this time to allow for maximum learning and benefit - and to give you time to absorb the material each week.  

Take a stand and be proactive about looking after yourself.  After all, if nothing changes, then nothing changes!  


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