How we can help you

We work with veterinary professionals who are ready to take control of their wellbeing to minimise stress and overwhelm and take charge of their lives, so they can love the life they live.

Unlike others, we use evidence-based approaches to help our clients achieve optimal health and wellness so they can enjoy their career, relationships, lifestyle, and overall wellbeing - leaving them feeling happy, healthy, and fulfilled.


Having nearly two decades of experience in psychology and almost four decades of organisational experience, Dr Nadine is one of the world's most influential and renowned psychologists in the field of veterinary wellbeing.  Are you ready to take the next step and prioritise your wellbeing?

Some of our services include Dr Nadine's:

  • Keynote speaking

  • Employee wellbeing programs

  • Organisational psychology services & consulting

  • Evidence-based coping and wellbeing program.

Keynote speaking.png

Keynote speaking

Are you looking for a vibrant and engaging speaker for your next wellbeing conference or event?  

Dr Nadine is a fun, dynamic, and relaxed speaker who has a knack of making people feel at ease.  With a wealth of experience in wellbeing and development she understands the barriers to wellness and how to address them.  Dr Nadine has won the respect of many veterinary industry event organisers, with her presentations being very highly regarded by attendees.

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Employee Wellbeing Program

Do you want to make sure you are doing the best you can for your team and their wellbeing?  

Employee wellbeing programs (EWP - also known as employee assistance programs) provide confidential, short-term counselling or coaching for your staff, with a focus on helping to assist them with personal and/or work-related difficulties or challenges.  When you use our EWP service you can be sure you are getting experienced professionals who understand the veterinary industry, and who are qualified to help.

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Organisational psychology services

Struggling to run your business and manage everything?


Being a business owner can be tough, especially when you have to manage a team of people who may not always see eye-to-eye.  Not to mention juggling multiple different priorities!  


Dr Nadine is thoroughly familiar working in and with different organisations and has in-depth knowledge of how and why your bottom line can be affected - and what you can do to get things back on track.

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C&W Program.png

Coping & Wellbeing Program

Are you a stickler for evidence-based solutions?

The evidence-based “Coping & Wellbeing Program for Veterinary Professionals” provides veterinary professionals with the tools needed to confidently handle stress and overwhelm and increase levels of wellbeing. 

Impressively, the program was proven statistically significant in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression!  How many training programs can make that claim?

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