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Food Mood & Menopause - 6 week program 
The revolutionary new program for women going through midlife changes 
Are you going through midlife changes and looking for clarity and guidance?  Tired of being told you just have to live with it and there's nothing you can do but suck it up?

Want to decode midlife so you can get lean, happy, and ageless in just 6 weeks?  

That's right!  Our program has been created by two experts who have created an innovative new program to help you regain control of your mind and body so you too, can feel empowered to breeze through midlife.

Welcome to the often dreaded midlife, peri-menopause and menopause, where you may feel like you're having an out of body and mind experience or left wondering who on earth this person is with the crazy mood swings and a body that's stopped bouncing back to health despite doing all of the things that used to work!  


It can all feel so frustrating and overwhelming, but rest assured- you're in good company and now you can be part of an amazing community of like-minded ladies who are ready to thrive despite a notoriously challenging milestone in life. 


Our program will share the newest science on psychology to navigate challenges with ease and grace, while boosting your body chemistry and mood with food and easy lifestyle adjustments - and it may just be the one that helps you feel leaner, happier, and ageless, so you can enjoy this stage of life rather than being at its mercy!​

About the program

The online program is structured to be self-paced over six weeks, with each module designed to give you enough time to absorb the information and implement the strategies we suggest.  

During the six weeks we will be sharing with you information on menopause and mindset, food, mood (and the connection with food and our mood), stress, sleep, self-care strategies, evidence-based wellbeing strategies, and evidence-based coping strategies.

We'll help navigate you to:

  • Feel better and gain improved health in mid-life and beyond

  • Gain more mid-life energy

  • Tackle mid-life brain fog & hormonal changes

  • Set yourself up for longevity

  • Identify what may be affecting mid-life weight issues

  • Slow down the ageing process

  • Minimise mid-life stress & increase resilience

  • Increase your wellbeing

  • Avoid/get off mid-life medications

  • Boost your immune system

What you will get:

  • Access to experts who have helped thousands of women achieve wellbeing

  • Weekly easy-to-follow online course requiring as little as one hour a week for six weeks

  • Education on peri-menopause & menopause (and all the taboo topics!)

  • Evidence-based strategies to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and mid-life

  • Education on the food/mood connection - and why this is so important

  • Self-care tools and strategies

  • Education on stress, sleep, sex, and supplements

  • Dedicated app to connect with the FMM community

  • Questionnaires, tips,  handouts, checklists, and a meal-plan template

  • Empowerment to take a proactive approach to your mid-life journey

  • Support throughout the six week program with the FMM community of like-minded women

  • The potential for much better health and wellbeing for life!

Your investment

This six week online course is only AUD597!  Please note if you are outside of Australia PayPal will convert to your local currency - for example estimates for USD are approximately $400 but will vary.  

PayPal makes it easy to pay off the program in four easy instalments - simply check your payment options when you checkout using PayPal.  ​


To register in this course please click on the image below, and then select the FMM option of your choice.  Alternatively, simply go to our "Wellbeing Packages" on the "Mind" tab and register from there.


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