Employee Wellness Programs

Traditionally one-on-one sessions are often based around coaching or counselling.  There can be some confusion about the differences with coaching and counselling and we feel it is important to clarify them.  Coaching is typically focused on assisting an individual to identify and achieve their goals and does not delve into their history or psychological issues, nor does it provide counselling.  Counselling generally does look at a person’s history, psychological status and issues, and works through these within each counselling session.


Our EWP sessions provide short-term counselling or coaching with a focus on helping to assist employees with their personal and/or work-related difficulties or challenges.  Doing so can help them to feel empowered with their self-care and management, with an ultimate focus on an increased level of wellbeing.


Our EWP sessions offer:


  • Online counselling or coaching sessions - meaning the employee can access their sessions from the privacy and comfort of their own home

  • A pre-determined set of sessions (generally between two and six) with further sessions being approved if required

  • Confidential sessions with a registered and experienced psychologist

  • Evidence-based strategies to maximise the chances of success

  • Working through barriers and underlying issues which may be holding them back or restricting them from moving forward

  • Assisting the employee to regain a sense of wellbeing and quality of life

  • Working one-on-one in a discrete, positive, supportive, non-judgemental, and encouraging environment

  • Sessions held online in a private and confidential environment

  • Some face-to-face sessions may be available on the Gold Coast.

To make an enquiry about how we can work with your organisation please contact us here and we will get in touch.