Employee wellbeing program (EWP)

Do you want to make sure you are doing the best you can for your team and their wellbeing?  

Employee wellbeing programs (EWP - also known as employee assistance programs) provide confidential, short-term counselling or coaching for your staff, with a focus on helping to assist them with personal and/or work-related difficulties or challenges.  


There can be some confusion about coaching and counselling, so we want to try and clear that up.  


  • Coaching is usually focused on helping an individual to identify and achieve their goals and does not delve into their history or psychological issues, nor should it provide counselling

  • Counselling generally does look at a person’s history, psychological status, and issues, and a qualified counsellor should work through these with you in each counselling session.

There is currently no regulation around who can call themselves a 'coach', which can sadly result in inexperienced people offering their services for things that really should be worked through with a qualified professional.  Likewise, there is currently no regulation on who can call themselves a 'counsellor', which also means there are inexperienced and untrained people offering their counselling services. However, many counsellors these days do have credible and reputable qualifications, so always be sure to check first!  


One thing is for sure though - when you use our EWP service you can trust you are working with experienced professionals who understand the veterinary industry and who are qualified to help.

To receive our EWP brochure or make an enquiry about how we can work with your organisation please contact us.