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Running a veterinary practice can be tough - especially when you have to manage a team of people who may not always see eye-to-eye....not to mention keeping on top of their wellbeing and job satisfaction.

Did you know that if there is conflict in the workplace it can affect job satisfaction, motivation, commitment, absenteeism, productivity, and retention?  It's true - having a background in organisational psychology Dr Hamilton researched this issue extensively and wasn't surprised to see the results!


We work with practice managers, owners, and corporate organisations within the veterinary industry to help address conflict and wellbeing, which can ultimately affect your bottom line.  Due to Dr Hamilton's doctoral research and extensive work with veterinary wellbeing, she has an intimate knowledge of the demands placed on those within the industry.  She works exclusively with veterinary professionals, which we believe sets her apart from others.  In fact, one of the things she is continuously told by her clients is that she "gets it" - she understands what the industry is like and the significant mental health issues that are having an impact on those within the industry.

Dr Hamilton offers consulting services to veterinary managers and owners who may need that extra support in managing workplace issues, and additionally, also offers consulting services on a retainer basis.

​Please contact us for a chat about our range of services and packages, and how we can help you to reinvigorate your workplace.