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Physical wellbeing ('Body')

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We believe looking after your physical wellbeing is just as important as your psychological wellbeing. 


There are many facets that contribute to your physical wellbeing from nutrition, movement, sleep, relaxation, hormone balancing, self-care (including skin care and beauty), and appropriate health care from your medical practitioner. 


Our preference at Positive Psych Solutions is to adopt a functional and integrative philosophy to health as we believe it encompasses a more holistic approach to your level of wellness.  We really love having a 'toolbox' of resources for you to tap into to help you embrace your health journey, enabling you to live a life of excellent health and vitality.

Putting that pep back into your beauty step!

While we are talking about your physical wellbeing, don't forget not to neglect your beautiful facial features.  Sometimes putting on makeup and doing your hair, even if you're not going out anywhere, can be a simple strategy you can embrace to help you look great and feel good about yourself.  Often, these little pampering sessions and things you can do just for you can make a world of difference.  And that's where Beauty by Cheyenne comes in.  Cheyenne is a qualified makeup, beauty, and lash technician who provides our beauty services for the ladies, so talk to her today to see if she can help to put that little pep back into your beauty step!


Integrative and functional medicine


We are huge supporters of integrative and functional medicine for physical health, and are delighted to work alongside our preferred medical provider Dr Cris Beer.  


Dr Cris is an integrative medical doctor, registered medical doctor, media doctor, corporate speaker, and author who helps patients with real health issues.  She is an expert in integrative medicine and doesn't just specialise in treatment of illnesses, but in attaining optimum health.  Dr Cris has particular interests in hormone health, fatigue, women's health, preventative health, lifestyle medicine, weight loss, digestive issues, and sleep problems.  

If you are looking for a caring, compassionate, understanding but very experienced doctor - get in touch with Dr Cris today.

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