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PPS Wellness is a boutique psychology practice led by pioneer, author, and leading worldwide authority on veterinary wellbeing, Psychologist Dr Nadine Hamilton.  It is a division of our parent company, Positive Psych Solutions.


Dr Hamilton is a best-selling author and easygoing and experienced psychologist.  Her self-help book "Coping with Stress and Burnout as a Veterinarian" has sold thousands of copies worldwide and is a go-to resource for veterinary practitioners around the world.  Dr Hamilton is renowned globally for leading the recent paradigm shift occurring within the veterinary industry and founding the charity Love Your Pet Love Your Vet. 

As well as being an accomplished psychologist, Dr Hamilton is also a gifted psychic medium and has various qualifications and certifications in this field.  She is passionate about helping others not only in a psychological capacity, but also spiritually and loves being able to share beautiful messages from the spirit world.

We believe Dr Hamilton's unique skills, qualifications, and experience set her apart from others.  Our philosophy is that real and lasting change will not happen by dealing with 'band aid' or 'tip of the iceberg' solutions - rather, it is the things lurking below the surface that need to be addressed for this to occur.  


While others may only skim the surface, we get to the real underlying issues.

We invite you to browse through our website and read more about us and what we do, and contact us if you think we could be a match.


PPS Wellness is a division of Positive Psych Solutions Pty Ltd