Feel good about yourself!

At Positive Psych Solutions, we want you to feel good about yourself - inside and out. 


We are a boutique psychology practice and home to leading authority on veterinary wellbeing, author, and psychologist Dr Nadine HamiltonWhile we work with many people and organisations on wellbeing, we specialise in the veterinary profession and industry.  

Dr Hamilton is highly trained and has top credentials, and is an easygoing experienced psychologist who follows through to get the job done.  Her research and work within the veterinary profession for the past ten years has led to the start of a paradigm shift occurring within this industry - so much so that she founded the Love Your Pet Love Your Vet charity, which has now gone global!  Dr Hamilton's dedication and tireless efforts to the veterinary profession and those working within it are second-to-none, resulting in her being held in high regard and well-respected within this industry. Having already completed doctoral research with veterinarians in this area, Dr Hamilton is now working on a PhD to further expand her work.

Positive Psych Solutions is our parent company and works with our "mind and body" services - addressing things from a health and wellbeing perspective for individuals and organisations at the psychological and physical level - particularly within the veterinary industry.  We enjoy a fabulous social media following across Facebook and Instagram of over 30,000 followers!


What may be a shock to many people is that Dr Hamilton is also gifted as a psychic medium and is the founder of Angel Stories, Healing and Guidance, which has a global following of over 37,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram.  She has a Diploma of Angel Therapy as well as a Diploma of Spiritual Intuitive Healing.  It is through this business that we address our "spirit" services. 


And because she has many interests and passions in a variety of areas, Dr Hamilton also has a Diploma of Interior Design and a Diploma of Traditional Feng Shui - allowing us to incorporate our "home life" services under our Ultimate Interior Designs and Feng Shui business.

So while others may only skim the surface, we get to the real issues - the stuff underneath the surface that is quite likely holding you back.  We believe that real and lasting change will not happen by dealing with 'band aid' solutions - those that only touch the tip of the iceberg and are generally masking the things that are really going on.  With our broad range of services covering mind, body, spirit, and home, we really think we've got you covered!

We invite you to browse through our website and read more about us and what we do, and contact us if you think we could be a match.

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